Stiftelsen Nordiska Sällskapet för Upplysning om Spelberoende



Oslo 2021


News with a reservation!

We are happy to announce that we have plans on holding a one day seminar in Oslo on the 7th of September 2021. Yes you are right, it the same date as the European Association for the Study of Gambling, EASG, have there conference as well.

We have initiated a cooperation with EASG and are grateful for their good will to join them at their conference. What we plan is a one day seminar on the opening day of the EASG conference.

Where will we meet?

The seminar day will be held i Oslo at Radisson Blue Scandinavia.


7 september 2021.

Is there a program?

We have an idea of a program and we will be back with that later on our website and via other social media, so watch out!

How do I register?

There will be one stop registration. It will be easy to register via the existing EASG conference platform and you will find information about how and when on and in due time. We are currently arranging all the necessary practical issues to make it easy to register.

Hotel information

The conference will be held at Radisson Blue Scandinavia. If you registrar for the EASG conference as well, witch we recommend, there will be rooms blocked for EASG delegates for a subsided price. Information is available at

Conference fee

This will be presented when we have the registration up and running. Our aim is to keep the fee as low as possible and include coffee and lunch in the fee.

Will there be a call for papers?


What about the SNSUS award ceremony?

Yes. As you know we, the SNSUS board, awards a person or an organisation that we think as done something that have had an impact and change the landscape of problem gambling in the Nordic countries with their work. Who/whom will be presented during the conference in Oslo.


The corona pandemic is still with us and what will happen in the future we don’t know. So there is a risk that the conference in Oslo will be postponed due to all the necessary restrictions taken to control the spread of covid 19. But we are optimistic and are planing ahead and hope for the best. We are all eager to meet colleges and friends and talk about gambling and get an update of the latest research and findings and Oslo is great place to do that.


You will find everything you need to know on:
Facebook: SNSUS